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You are tomorrow what you do today, so the time to make a change for the positive is as soon as you make that decision…the one where you decide your own well-being needs to move up the priority list… It’s not just about ‘losing weight’ or ‘gaining muscle’. Those are just aesthetically pleasing by-products of what a healthier lifestyle bring. Trust me, I wasn’t always in shape, but now that I make clean living a priority, I have loads more energy; I feel strong; I have better mental clarity and drive; and I have an enthusiasm and deep motivation to help others achieve the same level of happiness.

I understand what it’s like being in an unhealthy rut, because I was once there. Sometimes you don’t have the will or the knowledge to be able to break a destructive cycle. As a certified personal trainer, I’m qualified to help you, and I WANT to help you.

If you are here looking for a new fad diet or for someone to watch you take selfies in your new gym gear, you’re in the wrong place. If you aren’t interested in making lasting changes in your health and physique, go elsewhere, because if you stick around, expect real changes. Expect to drop a pant size. Expect a firm butt. Expect to get strong. Expect to get fit. Expect to start enjoying healthy food. Expect to start getting jealous looks from friends and co-workers because your life is going to change, and you’re not going back to how you were.

Choose one of my services or if you don’t know where to start, drop me a mail letting me know what your desired physique and fitness goal is, and I will advise you.

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Personal Training

From R95.00

  • Fitness Assessment.
  • Personalised Exercise Plan.
  • 1 on 1 Personal Training.
  • One-off sessions or retainers available.

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Nutrition Plans

From R360.00

  • Calculated calories & macro-nutrients customised for your objectives.
  • Personalised eating plans based on your physique or health goal.
  • Recipe ideas.

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Exercise Plans

From R120.00

  • Personalised workout schedule uniquely customised around your time available, equipment at your disposal and tailored for your goals.
  • Workout Tips and Tricks.

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