Guarantee Results

Guarantee Results

Getting results in weight loss or muscle gain involves a couple of variables but here are a few important ones to remember:

Try harder

Whether you are aiming to drop body fat or gain new muscle tissue, the same rule applies … try your hardest! Acquire the attitude that every time you go into the gym or basement or wherever you work out, that you attempt to PUSH, PULL, SPRINT, CURL, SQUAT, PRESS or whatever your poison is, HARDER, FASTER, SLOWER and anything else that applies. When you walk into a public gym, take a look at those who have athletic physiques and you will notice the intensity with which they work in. They get results, most others who fool themselves into thinking they are trying their best will show very little to no progress and you will see this over time.

Write it down

If I haven’t said it before, I’m saying it now, KEEP A JOURNAL. Literally write it down. You should obviously come prepared so have your workout on paper or digital device and keep it with you during your workout for the day.Take note of things like repetitions, weight resistance used, speed, distance, timing, angle of incline or decline, any information you can use to challenge yourself with the next time you hit that set of exercises again. This way you’ll definitely not be wasting your time away in the gym. I just read this and have to share it with you: “Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow’.

Switch it up

Changing things up also goes a long way and helps keep things fresh for you. Use a program for 6 to 12 weeks and then change your routine. If you’re working hard in the gym then it’s good to start using other routines to hit different areas of muscle groups, or if you were going heavy then change it to getting fitter, or vice versa. This also helps as you get older, it’s easier to push harder when you’re younger.


It really boils down to this, keep it challenging, listen to your body and work smarter. Conditions will change. Bad days come along with good but you have to push forward regardless. Don’t expect full results with only half the effort.

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